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Studio for
Mystic Expression.


This is for you, dear mystic entrepreneur, who can feel a future emerge within your cells that whispers a tale of wild beauty, co-creation with Earth and organic abundance outside of the rules, expectations and status quo of how business is “supposed to” work.

The art of mystic BRanding & Weaving a new paradigm of business

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the mystery of you

it's time to brand

I believe that what the world needs most is that the souls who came here with a mission to co-create a better future step fully into their purpose and build lives and businesses that are vessels for their magic. 

The more Starseeds, lightworkers and visionaries begin to implement their soul truth into the existing systems of our society through the way they live, work and be, the more profoundly we can change the world, and our collective as well as individual experience for the better.

As a multidimensional guide, brand creator and transcriber of soul codes, I provide the energetic, mystical and creative foundations, insights and keys to paradigm shifters, change makers and soul rebels to shift into their destined templates of entrepreneurship and of being alive – so that not only you get to live a life aligned with your soul plan, but, together with your business, become an integral puzzle piece of the co-creation of a new world.

I am a modern mystic, brand alchemist and Writer.

I am klara.

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